Thursday, February 2, 2012

January, here and gone.

February, already? Wow! It is crazy to think I'll be headed to Seattle in just a few weeks to go to my first Christian Camp good. And I'm so excited to go and meet many other people passionate about camping ministry. God bless 'em!

So let me think, what has been going on since I last posted?! oh right, WORK! Ha. What's new right? I continue to think how blessed I am to even have a good paying, with quality hours job.

Camp seems to be getting closer and closer, maybe because it is :) And maybe because I'm getting things I need to do before it all starts. AH! Sorry, that was just me getting a little more excited. Ha! This is going to be awesome!!

I also have a group page with more updates and more specific details on facebook. Not going to put personal info on my blog, at least the group is somewhat protected on facebook, at least I think....ha. Anyways, if you are not a part of it yet, please message me on there and I will gladly add you.

I'm becoming more and more grateful for prayer support and how extremely blessed I truly am by all those who are praying for me now and will continue as I move to Washington. So, thank YOU!


2/2/12- half days at work
2/1/12- parents who know WAY too much about taxes
1/31/12- friends support
1/30/12- God's sense of humor
1/29/12- adorably cute nephews
1/28/12- thrift stores
1/27/12- friends b-days!

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