Monday, January 16, 2012

Sick Day, Holiday, and Pinterest

So late Saturday night I woke up feeling terrible. Strange, but laid there praying I would feel better in the morning, I ended up sleeping in and missing church that morning and yes I felt much better. Thank goodness for modern technology though. I was able to listen to a sermon on-line from my church. And although I wasn't able to spend time with my church family, I was able to hear a solid sermon, preached from the Word of God. Can I get an 'Amen'?! :) This will probably be one of the hardest things to leave once I move to WA. My church family, the place where I love to go to to dive into God's Word, with a pastor I consider like a brother (and yes, sometimes he acts like a Father, ha!) I know it will always be a place I can come back to with their doors wide open, and yes, I know God has a special church family in WA for me, but wow, sad days to come.

Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day aka: Day Off! A nice relaxing day to watch LOTS of sports, catch up on crocheting and other such things. And yes SLEEPING IN!!!

Pinterest, if you don't have one get one! Greatest place for crafts, recipes, and so much more. I've been testing out a few things and I'm lovin' it!

1/15/12 (praise) : technology
1/16/12 (praise) : sleeping in

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  1. Just finished catching up on your blog! I am excited for your time here! I am also a reality show junkie so we may have to have watch parties. Also, you will be so glad to have this blog later on. I am just now turning my blog from when I was teaching in Australia into a memory book. I have laughed and cried while remembering this special and unique time in my life. I am not much of a journaler - but have tried many times - in my closet I have like 6 journals I have tried to start over the years and they have only a few entries each. lame. But having a blog and thinking that people are on the edge of their seats waiting for a new post helped me stay with it - and I am so glad I did! Take care! I am praying for your preparations! --Chelsie