Tuesday, January 3, 2012


So today I got more information about what I'll be doing as an intern at Camp Gilead in Washington. And I'm seriously getting so excited. I know this is truly where God wants me to be. Camp ministry had such an impact on my life growing up I just hope God can use me to give this same passion to young people in the beautiful state of Washington. And that lives would be changed for the better and that lives would be won to the Lord.
So this is when I start asking you to do something. Please! Please! Be praying for me, as details will be coming together quickly and that the support financially will be raised in an amazing way. I'm truly looking forward to look back on this blog and seeing where it all started to where I am at the end of the year.
It is late here, and I should be really getting to bed. It really takes a lot out of you when you are living in the same house as 2 little crying ones. But they are so.....cute! :)
Thankful for today (1/3/12): beautiful weather :) (SoCal Winters)

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