Saturday, January 14, 2012

Laptop, Tim Tebow, 3 day weekend.

So praise the Lord I got a new laptop last night. Great deal, seems like a great computer and it works! :) God is so good in the fact I got $$ for Christmas, and had a job that is well paying when I got home from SoCal, I was already able to pay off my new laptop. Truly blessed. I'll keep you updated if the laptop survives. And hoping and praying I am able to save a few things off my old computer. Thankfully ALL my music was saved to my Zune (pretty much like an iPod for those of you who don't venture outside of the Apple world) Ha! So now just hoping I can get all my pictures and some old documents. But hey not too bad, right?!

Awww...Tim Tebow. Last week in the wild card game in the playoffs vs the Steelers, are you kidding me?! What a game!!! The 'W' in overtime on the FIRST play! Love it! Now it is time to play the #1 seed on their field. Can you ask for a better underdog story?! I think not! A team that started the season 1-4 now playing against the number one seed in the playoffs!!! So pumped, we have nothing to lose. While most people in town will be watching and cheering on our local team, the 49ers, I will be waiting for the Broncos game to come on.

And yes, the 3 day weekend. Just found out yesterday that I don't have to go into work on Monday!!!! woop, woop. Always a great feeling.

Side note: right now I am watching the Olympic trials for the Marathon. I know, I know...I hate running, seriously hate it, but I am proud to say I know someone in this trial. Crazy right?! I grew up going to church with his wife. And I am proud to say HE IS GOING TO THE OLYMPICS!! Representing the USA and he is a strong Christian man, awesome!! Can't wait to cheer him on in summer 2012!

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