Monday, January 2, 2012

Here today, gone tomorrow.

After countless reboots of the laptop and countless times of bringing it back to life the old laptop has finally hit the flat line. Sad, but true. Just one of those friendly reminders that the things of this world do not last forever. Praise the Lord that He and His Word do though. So after turning off my laptop (for most likely the last time) what happens to me?! A fever/headache hit! And they hit hard. Perfect way to start the New Year, right?! Ha! I beg to differ. But looking on the positive side of things, I was able to hang out with my family and celebrate Christmas (finally!) Awesome gifts given from the parents, siblings, nephews....good times. My favorite you ask? Tim Tebow's book and DVD. HELLOOOO!!!! (Yes, I'm sure I'll be mentioning that special guy a few more times throughout the year.)
So today, my parents headed back home and I'll continue to stay in Southern California for one more week helping out with the family and the new nephew. Looking forward to the week ahead, but also looking forward to going home because that means I am that much closer to Washington!! As we sit around eating dinner we are looking forward to watch the season premier of The Bachelor, that's right folks, I'm a reality tv fan. No judgement please! I'm also pretty excited about this season because the Bachelor is a local, living in the same county as myself. Pretty cool, I must say. So let me know who you are cheering for this season. :)
Hope you all had a much better start to your New Years than I did.
God Bless!

Thankful for today: (1/2/12) for the times when I am healthy.