Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

So 2012 is finally here. (The year the world will end, haha, at least I'll be living in WA when this event occurs.) Ok, so most of us make fun of the world ending in 2012, but what if your life ends in 2012? Let's be honest we all are going to know someone that passes away this year. So let make a resolution to live each day like it is your last...
So here are the resolutions:
First, I'm going to not worry so much about my future, because really, worry literally gets me NO where, except stressing/no sleep/over eating. Ha! So just truly relying on Christ for all things in my life.
Second, trying new things and getting out of my 'comfort zone' more often. The last time I got out of my comfort zone (big time) was when I got on a plane headed North and stood on a curb waiting for a random van to pick me up at the Seattle airport. And what happened you ask? I fell in love with Camp Gilead and made some amazing life long friends. So why in the world do I not do this more often?! So here is to more awesome times to come.
Third, thinking and writing out something I am thankful for EVERYDAY. I recently joined 'Pinterest', (if you have not joined yet, I should say DON'T DO IT!!!!!! haha, but really it is great just use up a lot of time on it) while looking at all the neat ideas I stumbled across one that caught my eye. A 'praise journal' a simple 4 x 6 sheets of paper writing down daily things to be thankful for. (I'll be posting pictures of the cute papers I'll be using)
Fourth, eat health and work out more. Ok, I know, so typical right? But seriously, I'll be turning 25 this year (wow, I'm getting old...ha) and weight does not fall off the body like it once did. Fail! So here is to eating less junk food/sitting around watching tv and to: throwing back more fruits/veggies and riding the bike/working the abs more. (no, I will not be running, at least not a lot, not a fan!)
Five, keeping up with this pretty little baby, ha! This may be the hardest one to keep up with. Seriously though.
So there it is I'm on blog post #2, wow! Doing good so far. Hope to keep this going. Maybe not a daily post, but at least a few times a week. Happy New Year all...enjoy the new year. And good luck with remembering to write 2012, instead of 2011. Seriously, going to mess that up multiple times throughout the year.

God Bless!

Praise Journal Entry: (1/1/12) Thankful for a New Year!

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