Thursday, January 19, 2012

Day Off and the rain is here.

So it is great to be making money again, but I always appreciate a day off during the week. The last few days have been just fine, nothing to crazy, but nothing awful either. I'll take it. On Tuesday I worked a half day, and what should be roughly a 20min drive home from work ended up being about an hour long drive. The 101 was backed up like crazy (bad accident) and I also had to pick up my mom from the store. Aww....the life of a 2 car family with 3 drivers, but we make it work and very blessed that we have 2 cars.
Wednesday was a 9-5 day, long but ended up being pretty fun after I built a fort for the kids I nanny for. They loved it. Good times for sure.
Thursday, the rain is finally here!! I love it. Nothing like the Great North West is getting right now, but we got our own storm going on here. Today was one of those days where you feel so fat at the end of the day, ate out lots! But enjoyed spending much needed time with friends :) And yes, also went to the Mall. (aka: Forever 21) Love it!
Back to work tomorrow. Mommy and Me day at gymnastics :) (aka: Nanny and me)

1/17/12: having a car
1/18/12: fun imaginations
1/19/12: eating out :)


  1. fun imaginations?

    did i tell you i really like your Keep Calm and Camp On and the graph? so perfect!

  2. haha....the whole building the fort thing :)
    And thanks! I like it too.